Once upon a time...

I was a Features Writer in a previous life, before I became a mum and creatively-challenged in the brain cell department.

The headache of searching for an amazingly-original-but-simultaneously-tediously-dull-to-write features idea for the dreaded Monday morning editorial meeting plus lure of a salary that I could actually live on, led to me wave goodbye to the world of glossy magazines and endless beauty freebies (yes, I now have to actually buy my own shampoo) and return to the somewhat less sexy (albeit undervalued) world of being a Personal Assistant.

It really killed the magic for me, having to write what other people wanted me to write. I just stopped caring as much and my little notebook of ideas was shoved in a cupboard with my Davina McCall workout DVD (no offence Davina, I'm just too lazy).

Mr B continued to gently enquire if I missed my writing days, as the Beee-shaped hole in our sofa became deeper and deeper and so I promised myself one day I would go beyond simply writing vicariously through my Facebook statuses alone and start a blog. About what, I was clueless – is anyone that interested in my daily commuter rants (friends of mine, who are kind and lie a lot, say they are), but nevertheless, Little Beee is unleashed on the world with a random pick n’mix of thoughts, observations and general guff - just in case anyone is out there listening…

In a nutshell
Married to a Northern graphic designer, mama to two mini cuties and happiest when it’s the weekend and there’s Prosecco in arm’s reach.


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